AWS DynamoDB

Offline DyanmoDB Database

I can setup offline AWS dynamo databases for programming and testing. This saves online AWS resources. Here are snapshots of the Local Dynamo Database that I had set.

DynamoDB Server Setup

First you need to setup the DymanoDB Server. It is a Java based server. So it requires that latest Java is installed

Start the DynamoDB

Then you need to start the DynamoDB Server. It is a non GUI Java based Server so it runs from the command prompt

DynamoDB Structure

The database is a proprietary structure that is kind of similar to JSON standard notification.


Query the DynamoDB

Once the server is running then you can query the Database. It is a proprietary database by Amazon and it does not use SQL.

C# Program Example

Here is a C# program that I wrote that queries the database and returns the list of movies from database whose sample is shown above.
It will the user ask to Enter a year (yyyy) for film releases or 9999 to Quit.
Once the user enters the year the program will search the DynamoDB and return the list of movies titles released in that year.


DynamoDB in Visual Studio

Here is the DynamoDB in the Visual Studio


For More Info

For more information on AWS DynamoDB Please Visit Here