EFS stands for Elastic File System. It is AWS version of a scalable file storage system.
You can think of it like an Elastic Disk Drive, but the advantage is that you can increase the size while other Applications are running on AWS without interuption

EFS Console

I only used EFS with my Linux Docker and Here is the Console Screen of the EFC for it

Mouting the EFS

After an EFS has been created, it can be mounted to a VPC or Virtual Private Cloud. It is like you are now using the EFS with a computer in the cloud

EFS Network Interface

An EFS needs a Network Interface to be created so it can be mounted.
Then an EFS can be used and can have security groups applied and it can have different configurations settings

EFS Detach

An EFS needs have its Network Interface detached from a VPC before it can be removed.

EFS Deletion

After detaching the EFS Network Interface we can delete it. Once deleted the data is gone so AWS asks for deleting confirmation twice.

Deletion Confirmation

Deletion Process

For More Info

For more information on AWS EFS3 Please Visit Here