EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud. It is a scalable cloud computing service

EC2 in Canada

Here are my EC2 sites in Canada

EC2 Monitor

AWS offers lots of Detailed Info on the EC2 state and here is the info on one of my sites


Here are my other EC2 sites in North Virginia that are Linux Based

EC2 Linux Info

Here is the info on my Linux Docker on EC2

EC2 Security Groups

Here are the security groups that are associated with my EC2

EC2 KeyPairs

Amazon EC2 uses public–key cryptography to encrypt the login information.
It uses a public key to encrypt the password, then the recipient uses the private key to decrypt the password. The public and private keys are known as a key pair. The private keys are with the user and need to be stored in a safe place

Public Key

Here is the Public Key for My Linux EC2

Private Key

And here are my private Keys for my AWS EC2 Instances stored on my computer. I even use the Key with PUTTY to make an SSH connection to the AWS EC2


AWS is a big universe so we use a VPC in it. In the VPC we need subnets and in those subnets we can use our EC2 sites

Stopping EC2

EC2 is a paid service, so it is better to stop it when not in use

Here is another Instance being stopped when not in use


After Stopping an Instance we can terminate it

Terminated EC2 Instance

Here are 2 the terminated EC2 Instances

And here is the other instance

For More Info

For more information on AWS Please Visit Here