Oracle on AWS

AWS offeres a lot of features and functionalities on using Oracle on its AWS cloud. But these are paid and not free. Here is the RDS Dashboard in which I have the paid Oracle Database

Oracle Website

Here is the snap shot of my dynamic Oracle website. It was programmed in C#

Here is the Oracle Data sorted based on First Name

C# Code for Oracle

Here is the C# program that I wrote to connect to and Display the Oracle Database

Oracle Instance

Here is my Oracle Database Instace settings on AWS. It is an Oracle SE One Engine

Oracle Instance Details

And here are the Details of the Oracel Instance Settings. And If you can see it has the License Included and it is on a Linux VPC

Stoping Oracle

Here I am stopping the Oracle instance as I wanted to take it offline to save money. This is the Confirmation Screen before stopping

After confirming the stop here is the stopping status in the settings

For More Info

For more information on Oracle RDS on AWS Please Visit Here